Terms and Conditions

Welcome to gofundtalent.com. This website is operated by CROWDPANTIES SOCIEDAD ANONIMA (hereinafter referred to as GOFUNDTALENT), a company with corporate ID number three-one hundred two-seven hundred ninety-four thousand three hundred eighty-four, and registered office in San Jose, Costa Rica.

To access the services offered by this application, the users must: a) have at least 18 years; b) register by filling the required form located in the website to create a user; and c) accept and agree with the following terms and conditions and other related documents.

The use of the stated application confirms that you accept that you studied and understand all the terms and conditions of the services described herein (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) and that you agree with each one of them.

The Terms and Conditions of the service may be modified at any time in the future. Consequently, using the services offered by this Application, once said modifications have been made, implies its acceptance by the User.

If you do not agree with all the following Terms and Conditions, we kindly request that you stop accessing and using the services of the application in any way. Using the services implies your acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.

1) User and User Account

To create a User Account, GOFUNDTALENT will require at least the following information: full name, last names, email, telephone number, and date of birth. The Users must provide true and accurate information and will ensure that the provided information is enough to be identified and/or located. Any inaccuracy that prevents identifying or locating the User, as well providing false information, entitles GOFUNDTALENT to immediately eliminate the corresponding User Account. Consequently, GOFUNDTALENT may close the User Account at its sole discretion only by notifying said decision to the email address appointed by the User in its personal data.

Each User Account is personal and may not be used by third parties other than the person registered to use the application. In the event that a User allows others to use its account, GOFUNDTALENT may proceed to close the User Account at its sole discretion only by notifying said decision to the email address appointed by the User in its personal data.

2)    Liability Limitations.

GOFUNDTALENT assumes no liability and will not be liable for any damages or viruses that may affect your computer telecommunications or other goods, that may be caused by your access to or downloading of any information or material in the application.

In no event will GOFUNDTALENT be liable before you or before any other person for any indirect, special, or accidental damages or for damages caused by the use, impossibility to use, or by the result of using the website or goods related to the challenges, projects, or products offered in the website.

3)  Prohibited Actions

The Users of this website must comply the following rules:

  • Refrain from making any action that infringes or violates third party rights, the law, or any contract or legal obligation with third parties.
  • Do not publish information that is false, deceitful, or inexact. Refrain from making any action that is deceitful or fraudulent.
  • Do not offer illegal challenges that violate any of the policies, rules, or directives of GOFUNDTALENT or that do not comply with the standing laws or regulations, whether in Costa Rica or abroad.
  • Refrain from making any actions that are threatening, insulting, intimidating, defamatory, slanderous, malicious, offensive, profane, or that invade the privacy of other persons.
  • When using GOFUNDTALENT, and especially if you create a project that achieves the needed funding, it is possible that you will receive information of other users, such as their names, email addresses, and mailing address. Said information is provided only to participate in a GOFUNDTALENT project. Refrain from using this information for any other purposes or in an illicit manner.

4)  Operation of the Website

GOFUNDTALENT provides a challenge funding platform, namely, proposals made by users to the public by which they commit to make an action in exchange for an agreed amount of money; the money is raised by donations from interested users. The possibility to fund projects or products is also offered in exchange for a payment. Once the previously established amount is completed, those who contribute will receive a benefit or object for their donation.

When a user announces a challenge, project, or product in GOFUNDTALENT, it is an invitation to other users to execute a contract with said user. Whoever decides to donate money to a challenge, project, or product is accepting the offer of the user who made the announcement and, therefore, executing and delivering said contract.

GOFUNDTALENT does not act as one of the parties of a contract. The contract is a direct legal agreement between users. When a challenge, project, or product obtains all the needed funding, the user who proposed said challenge, project, or product must carry it out and comply with what was promised in exchange for the donation. Once GOFUNDTALENT verifies the compliance of what was stipulated in the challenge, project, or product proposed by the user; it will proceed to wire the money of the donations, except for its corresponding commissions to be deducted, pursuant to provisions of point 5) below. This action may take up to 10 (ten) business days.

5)  Funding of Challenges

Donations for challenges, projects, or products are governed as follows:

  • The user that is interested in donating, will provide its payment information when assuming the contribution commitment, thus immediately executing the charge. GOFUNDTALENT will only charge the exact amount that the user committed to contribute, and deducting the bank commission which is approximately between 4.8% and 5% (four point five and five percent) of the donated amount.
  • If the challenge, project, or product does not reach its funding goal, the donations will be returned to the persons who made them, MINUS any bank commission charged to complete such procedure. This action may take up to 10 (ten) business days.
  • The indicated compliance date for each challenge, project, or product is the date the user estimates to be the moment when what was offered may be complied, but is not a compliance warranty of said term. The calendar may change depending on the challenge, project, or product. If 30 (thirty) working days after the date set by the user, the user does not comply the challenge, project, or product, GOFUNDTALENT will return the donations to those persons who made them, MINUS any bank commission charged to complete such procedure. This action may take up to 10 (ten) business days.
  • GOFUNDTALENT and its associated payment entities, will deduct a 7% (seven percent) commission from the amount collected as donation prior to transferring the amount raised by the user for a challenge, project, or product.
  • GOFUNDTALENT is not liable for any expenses incurred by the user when proposing a challenge, project, or product. Any related shipping costs will be solely covered by the user who proposes a challenge, project, and product.

6)  Informed Consent for the Storage and Use of Information

As a confidentiality measure, GOFUNDTALENT does not compile or provide sensible personal information of the users. A database with the information requested from the users will be created for the sole and exclusive use of GOFUNDTALENT and, at the same time, said information will be saved as normal use of the application during the registration process of a user. The information saved in the database will be for the exclusive use of GOFUNDTALENT and GOFUNDTALENT will be authorized to transfer said information to the companies that it deems pertinent. The user states that it has been informed of the previously described conditions for the protection of personal data, and it accepts and consents to its automated treatment by GOFUNDTALENT in the manner and for the purposes set forth herein.

This database will be used for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, sending news, offers, and advertisement about the merchandised Products and/or activities and future services offered by GOFUNDTALENT. These communications may be sent by email or by any other means of communication.

The User may revoke, at any moment, its consent to the commercial management of its information by sending an email informing said decision to info@gofundtalent.com.

7)    Privacy Policies

GOFUNDTALENT warrants a secure platform when inputting personal information of the User. The User will be responsible for inputting valid information.

The User may request the rectification or cancelation, or may oppose to the use of its information by contacting info@gofundtalent.com to notify its corresponding request; the User is the sole responsible for sending such request. No request to rectify, cancel, or oppose the use of information will be accepted by any means other than the email stated above.

8)    Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights of the contents of the webpage including, but not limited to the following: graphic design, distinctive signs that appear therein (brands and commercial names), underlying computer programs, and/or software (including source codes), as well as the different elements that conform the website (texts, graphics, photographs, videos, etc.), correspond, for the purposes of this application, solely and exclusively to GOFUNDTALENT, granting it the right to use and exploit them.

The use of the application by the User does not imply in any way the existence of an assignment of intellectual property and/or industrial rights over the application, its contents, and/or distinctive signs. To that effect, the User is expressly prohibited from copying, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, disposing of, extracting, and/or reusing the application, its contents, and/or the distinctive signs contained therein.

9)  Applicable Law

All controversies, differences, disputes, and/or claims that may derive from the use of this website will be resolved pursuant to the substantive law of and in the corresponding courts on the matter in Costa Rica. The expenses related to any legal process, as well as the respective consultant and lawyer fees will be paid by each one of the interested parties or as set forth in the corresponding judicial resolution.

10) Miscellaneous Provisions

These Terms and all the material referred to herein constitute the full agreement between GOFUNDTALENT and you regarding the Services. It supersedes any other communication and proposal (verbal, written, digital) between GOFUNDTALENT and you derived from the Services, as well as the terms that regulate our future commercial relation. If any clause herein becomes invalid pursuant to the applicable laws, it will be eliminated or limited as needed so that the other Terms continue being valid and enforceable. The lack of exercise of any right contemplated in these Terms, either by you or GOFUNDTALENT, will not be understood as a waiver to any other right.

These Terms are specifically for the User. They may not be delegated, conveyed, or assigned under license without the previous written authorization of GOFUNDTALENT. GOFUNDTALENT will have the right to assign, convey, and delegate any of its rights and obligations by virtue of the present Terms without your consent. We will notify you of any changes to these Terms and Conditions by email, written notice, or by publication in our website.